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MONEY TO A BUSINESS IS LIKE fuel to an airplane

Fuel Up Here For Your Journey

Whether you need Debt or Equity for your early stage venture there is likely someone out there with an appetite for funding your opportunity

After spending many years in the trenches we have found out what works and what doesn’t.   The reality is attracting an investor or a lender is like being at a beauty contest where the sexiest contestant gets all attention.  After the intitial excitement wears off, it resembles dating to evaluate a potential spouse.   We can certainly help with the matchmaking if you give us a call. 

ideas + money + plans = success

Introducing: AngelWerx Mentor Seed Fund LP1

Turning ideas into viable business models is the Holy Grail of success and profitable exits for early stage investors has never been easy.   In the age of uncertainty, social change and bureaucratic red tape things have become even more difficult.   Between Blockchain and AI-enabled Web 3.0, the table stakes have gotten higher in lockstep with the odds against success.   

As before, the stream of new ideas and innovation come from those individuals with a complimentary combination of domain expertise fuelled by fervent  imagination and unrestricted by naivete.  Out of this mix of fact and hopefullness comes our idea for improving the odds with a novel approach to risk management.  The future business environment will be markedly different than the past.   Technology life-cycles are getting shorter while barriers to entry are getting larger.  We believe, that by creating an ecosystem of entrepreneurs and corporate partners, we can acheive a better record of successes in shorter time frames.

Still at the concept development stage, the challenge is simple: 

  • Finding intriguing ideas from the world of business and academia that seek to address the problems of tomorrow. 
  • Finding suitable corporate partners that can help to resource new ventures witjh a mix of experience, capital and networks.

With a track record of launching a successful seed capital fund almost 20 years ago,  the founders see even greater opportunities than before by: 

  • Tapping into more advanced technologies that make it possible to acheive measurable results quickly.
  •  Accessing all government funding and assistance to address key environmental, social and governance issues that are shaping the world of tomorrow.
If this has sparked your interest in any way, please drop us a line at info (at) angelwerx.com .