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Ripple Effects Agency is a One-Stop-Shop helping entrepreneurs acheive and maintain an unfair advantage

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All great ventures start with a great idea.  Howver, success is usually 10% inspiration while the other 90% is perspiration.    Research, analysis, development and testing are the measures that are needed to turn those ideas into result.   We’ve been there, done that and got the scars to know what really works, what doesn’t and show you a path forward so you can avoid the potholes.

how we do it

Building an enterprise shares an uncanny level of similarity to flying an airplane.   

  • It all starts with a destination in mind.  
  • From there a map from the starting point is made.
  • Your stakeholders are your passengers.
  • Management are your pilots.
  • Employees are your ground and cabin crew.
  • Money is your fuel. 
  • Red Tapet is your aerodynamic drag.
  • Fixed Overhead is your gravity. 
  • Motivation is your engine.

When it all comes together you’ll have achieved your misison safely, efficiently and successfully with all your passengers arriving on time with their baggage intact. 

Ripple Effects helps to realize your “Why” by working with your team to develop and implement your Business Plan so you can enjoy a Good Flight! 

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Meet Our Team

RIpple Effects Agency relies upon innovationary leaders to help your organization or enterprise align it’s goals with it’s methods to achieive your requirement for favorable outcomes.

Dale Leier

Dale Leier

Chief Revenue Officer

With 35 years of experience in business across a wide range of sectors in most mangerial postions. Dale has a combination of innovative thinking and practical application. Aside from being and Air Traffic Controller, his areas of involvment include imports, sales, marketing, distribution, manufacturing, wholesales, retail sales, online sales, websites and mobile applications, renewable energy, environmental monitoring, international business development, corporate funding, financial planning, food services, seafood processing and more. Dale brings an innovative approach to identifying opportunities and overcoming obstacles. If your enterprise isn't growing it's probably shrinking. Contact us for a CV and a list of business references.


Jacqueline Mignault

Senior Government Advisor

A recent recipient of an award for Outstanding Community Service from our MP, Rachel Harder, Jackie has over 30 years of experience in muncipal goverment and provincial government. Her work ranged from Deputy City Clerk for the City of Victoria to Senior Internal Auditor and Policy Advisor in the BC Ministry of Finance Controller General's Office. In addtiion, trainign as an ISO auditor makes her well suited to assist enterprises with lean process, finanancial frameworks and accountability frameworks. When it comes to navigating the legislative, regulatory and political minefield that seems to permeate every niche and corner of our business environment, Jackie can help you understand what the requirements are to survive and thrive. Contact us to receive a resume of her extensive experiences.

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